Contact Lens Fitting FAQ's

Q: Is a contact lens fitting/prescription covered in a routine examination?

A: No. A routine eye examination covers a comprehensive eye health check as well as a prescription for glasses. A separate contact lens fit is required to determine the contact lens prescription. This contact lens prescription is often different from the glasses prescription.

Q: What is covered in a contact lens fitting/evaluation?

A: The doctor determines a diagnostic contact lens to dispense to the patient. Insertion, removal, and care for the contact lenses will be covered for new patients. After a 5-7 day trial wearing period we can finalize the prescription. A follow up evaluation with new trials will be performed if the doctor determines it is necessary.

Q; Do I have to return for a follow up?

A: Once the patient has tried the trials and is satisfied, a phone call to our office can made. Or, the patient can come in for a follow up if the fit is unsatisfactory.

Q: What if I don't like the contacts?

A: The doctor will try and trouble shoot the problems until the patient is satisfied. However. the fitting fee in not refundable because of the time with the doctor and the evaluation of the types of lenses will have already been preformed. 

Q: Why does it cost more for a first time wearer?

A: Patients wearing contact lenses for the first time requires extra time with regard to education on different possible risks, teaching insertion & removal and the care of the lenses, as well as potentially more trials lenses. 

Q: Will my insurance cover my contact lens fitting/evaluation?

A: This depends on your specific plan. Many vision plans partially cover EITHER glasses or contacts.

Q: When do I get my contact lens prescription?

A: Once the doctor determines that changes do not need to be made, the contact lens prescription can be released. This typically occurs after the 5-7 day trial period.

Q: How long is a contact lens valid?

A: One year, unless the doctor requires that the patient return sooner based on eye health concerns.

Q: I've been wearing the same contact lenses for years without any problems. Why is there still a contact lens evaluation fee?

A: the contact lens fitting/evaluation of a seasonal wearer is crucial. Because a contact lens is a medical prosthetic device, the health of the eye must be evaluated on a yearly basis to check for potential risks of vision loss. This valuation may also may included changes in wear schedule, solution systems, or types of lenses. 


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